Ashone Mahogany – Aviation blog

Greetings, to all visitors.

This is the Second Life blog, for Ashone Mahogany – an aviation builder, scripter and keen flyer.

I will be using these pages, to keep my customers up to date with latest releases and future projects.
There are illustrated references here, for almost every aircraft which is available to buy from me.
I’ll also be adding helpful (hopefully interesting) posts, on a general SL aviation theme.

Here’s the teleport link, for my inworld airfield/shop…

My shop / airfield at Erik - also headquarters for Red Arrows group.

I’ve recently started listing my boxed items on SecondLife Marketplace (see ‘links’ page).
Owners Club members wishing to take advantage of discounts, will still need to buy inworld though.
I’m not planning to sell freebies or builders parts on Marketplace – they’ll only be available in the shop.

When you arrive at the airfield, there’s a red ball in South hangar, which gives an information notecard.
Most of the aircraft for sale, have demo rezzers at the East end of runway, so you can have a test flight.

Tiny Friendly!  Many aircraft have regular & tiny versions. Most vendor boxes include both sizes.
(If we only have a large version, we’ll usually be happy to shrink something for you, on request).

Enjoy your visit and please check back soon, to see what’s new. – Ashone Mahogany